Inspired by their discussion with Uzuhan, David and Josh jump into a discussion about Asian creativity and empowerment. Josh shares his experience with entrepreneurship with Windfall. David discusses the creative power of the Asian hustle and the need for us to support each other.

Tune in for some great conversation and hopefully even better inspiration!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:56 According to Science (Powered by Ozarka)
  • 4:52 David’s Feeling Empowered!
  • 6:37 Asian American Story Arc
  • 10:50 Josh’s Experience with Windfall
  • 24:18 Asians Gotta Support Each Other
  • 30:10 Early Bamboo Ceiling
  • 34:30 Asian Food / The Hustle Starts Early
  • 38:33 Social Media and Our Idea of Success
  • 43:07 Influence
  • 50:50

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