Our second guest for Season 2 of the Sound of Water podcast is Asian-American rapper, Uzuhan!

Uzuhan is an independent artist hailing from Atlanta who debuted in 2010 on Youtube with his single “Never Change” which garnered 1.5 million views. In 2017, he won the national grand prize for Kollaboration which landed him a spot at SXSW in 2018. And throughout his career, he’s worked with a number of notable Korean musicians like Higher Music’s pH-1 on “FILA,” R&B vocalist, Jeebanoff on “Mama We Made It,” I.M from Monsta X and Brother Su from Starship Ent. on their collaborative track “Madeleine,” and Chai from Antenna Music, and more!

David and Josh talk with Uzuhan about independent music, Asian American storytelling, Christianity and hip hop, and more in this dope episode.

Time Stamps (WIP):

  • 0:33 Living Water feat. John 7:37-39
  • 2:11 Introducing Uzuhan!
  • 4:18 Backstreet Boys Covers and Skin Care (korean backstreet boys)
  • 7:32 Finding Your Lane
  • 12:18 Purpose and Identity
  • 14:38 A Heart for the Dechurched (16~ soundbite)
  • 17:13 Doing What You’re Supposed to Do
  • 19:23 Parents
  • 20:34 Reform in the Church (Joshua Harris)- how i kissed dating goodbye)
  • 29:03 Shrewd as a Snake, Gentle as a Dove
  • 32:57 Inspiration and Liking Your Own Creation (pigeon john)
  • 34:37 Hate Me, Love Me / Money is King / Talent (~template)
  • 37:37 Rich Brian and 88 Rising
  • 39:13 Evolving Infrastructure (Steven Yeun – always be my maybe trailer) – nuanced asian stories
  • 42:27 Bamboo Ceiling? (Dumfoundead)
  • 48:44 Uzuhan’s Mission and Vision
  • 56:01 (Josh got tired he will finish this later lol)

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