Our first guest for Season 2 of the Sound of Water Podcast is Grace Soyeon Moon!

Grace is a freelance journalist, researcher, and producer based in Seoul, South Korea. Her work has been published in NBC News, BBC, VICE News, Public Radio International (PRI), NPR, and more. And her most recent project with the The Wall Street Journal was just retweeted by Andrew Yang!

Grace shares her experiences with journalism, thoughts on North Korea, South Korea sex crimes, and more on this mad interesting episode.

Connect with Grace:

Graces’ Favorite Articles:

Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) – a membership nonprofit advancing diversity in newsrooms, and ensuring fair and accurate coverage of communities of color (recommended by Grace for anyone interested in getting into journalism)

Time Stamps:

  • 0:53 Asians are Thirsty
  • 2:12 Introducing Grace Soyeon Moon!
  • 4:38 Getting into Journalism
  • 8:16 A Passion for North Korea
  • 11:50 Buddaejjigae is Bomb
  • 13:27 North Korean Issues
  • 16:20 Pyongyang Pub
  • 24:15 A Broken Korean Dream feat. Pyongneng Noodles
  • 27:13 South Korea First
  • 32:06 COVID Reporting in Daegu
  • 37:48 Shincheonji
  • 42:53 Christian Culprits
  • 46:00 Are Koreans More Obedient?
  • 51:10 Sex Sellers and the New Normal
  • 58:12 Korea’s History of Light Sex Crime Punishments
  • 1:06:40 Feminism in Korea
  • 1:11:12 Lessons Learned in Journalism
  • 1:18:23 Universal Basic Income Shout Out by Andrew Yang!
  • 1:22:47 Connect with Grace

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