Welcome to the season finale of the first season of the Sound of Water podcast. What a journey! In this episode, David and Josh wrap things up by reflecting on not only Dr. Goodie’s episode, but all of the episodes in this season.

Season 1 of the Sound of Water podcast was specifically focused on black issues of racial injustice. David and Josh sought to interview black people from all different walks of life to hear their perspectives on the matter.

Featuring native Dallas rapper, Rikki Blu, academia director Melanie Johnson, global activist Mel Watkins, and best selling author and keynote speaker, Dr. Goodie Goodloe. Thank you to everyone who has followed us thus far on this journey.

Stay tuned for Season 2!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:48 Naming Hurricanes
  • 3:45 Josh’s Secret
  • 7:29 Time Flies
  • 11:08 Josh is Feeling It!
  • 21:03 David’s Newfound Convictions
  • 25:57 Jacob Blake and Speaking up with Family Members
  • 32:00 Desensitized and Polarized
  • 36:35 Get Your Priorities in Line
  • 40:03 Voting Trump 2020 is Sus
  • 44:19 The Gospel is Power and Truth
  • 48:38 Faith Fundamentals
  • 51:24 No Room to Mourn
  • 54:08 Hope
  • 60:48 Speaking Your Truth vs Living Your Truth
  • 62:18 Fruits of the Spirit
  • 66:10 Art of the Dragonfly
  • 70:38 Community Organizing Let’s Go!
  • 72:27 Gen Z and Tik Tok
  • 74:17 China Talk: Understanding Trump’s Appeal
  • 80:25 Responsibility as a Leader
  • 84:19 Shout out to Korean Grandmas (아줌마)
  • 90:22 David’s Growth in Perspective
  • 97:31 Josh’s Final Question
  • 98:58 Let’s Make an App! (feat. Mingu Chu)
  • 100:04 Josh’s Closing Thoughts and Reflections
  • 105:55 New Developments Coming Your Way

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