Lots to unpack with this last discussion featuring Mel Watkins! David and Josh explore a myriad of topics ranging from Korean copycat culture, the 2016 presidential election, community organizing, and more. Enjoy some lighthearted conversation about some not so lighthearted issues.

Featuring two very special (hypothetical) guests, Terry and Jim!

Time Stamps:

  • 2:00 David is a Fraud!
  • 4:56 A Chance for Redemption
  • 14:02 Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes
  • 18:30 Everyone is a Sociologist Nowadays
  • 21:53 Dissecting Korea
  • 35:18 Introducing… Terry and Jim!
  • 43:26 Josh’s Hot Take on Trump Supporters
  • 59:06 A Willingness to Listen
  • 64:50 “White Fragility” and the Role of an Ally
  • 80:17 Josh’s Thoughts on How We Move Forward
  • 84:45 Our Next Guest!

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