David and Josh dive headfirst into a reflection off of last week’s episode featuring Melanie Johnson, Director of Multicultural Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington. Asking tough questions like: Should social justice be taught in schools? Is America actually broken? How long should a shower really last?

Tune in for some good ol’ constructive conversation, and as always, let us know your thoughts!

Time Stamps:

  • 2:12 Josh Takes Absurdly Long Showers
  • 5:04 Teaching Social Justice in School
  • 14:35 Is America Inherently Racist and Broken?
  • 21:52 Defunding the Police and Allocating Funds
  • 34:58 Buying Black
  • 41:27 Feeling the Pressure to Speak Up
  • 46:56 Beyond the Branding of a Social Justice Activist
  • 60:20 Be a Nice Person

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