Our first guest interview featuring Dallas rapper, Rikki Blu! Join co-hosts David Yun and Josh Swanson as we probe Rikki’s mind about his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, the recent protests, dismantling white supremacy, and more.

Please note, this interview has some explicit language. We strive to have an open platform and dialogue for everyone to express their mind as they see fit.

Tune in at the end to listen to one of Rikki Blu’s tracks, Level 2 (explicit)!

Follow Rikki Blu on all his platforms here:

Time Stamps:

  • 1:10 David’s Shameless Kirkland Signature Plug (feel free to skip ahead)
  • 1:49 Welcome Rikki Blu
  • 3:27 Who is Rikki Blu? (feat. Rikki Blu)
  • 18:30 Rikki’s Experience at the George Floyd Dallas Protest
  • 29:16 Thoughts on Black Lives Matter
  • 37:06 Dismantling White Supremacy by Toppling Statues?
  • 51:50 A New Presidential Candidate Appears!
  • 54:31 Closing Thoughts by Rikki
  • 56:12 Level 2 by Rikki Blu

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