This week, the Sound of Water podcast hosts Nidhi Shastri! Nidhi is the current host and founder of her podcast, Model Minority: Uniquely American. This is the very FIRST collaboration episode from Sound of Water!

Nidhi started her podcast to explore the many layers and depths of the “model minority” myth: the good, the bad, and the invisible. She graduated from the University of Illinois with degrees in Political Science and Environmental Science and has experience working in radio, campaign organizing, and advocating for single-payer healthcare in Illinois. Nidhi also served as part of the panel for the Asian American Pacific Islanders for Biden, which hosted the @joebiden camp prior to the election!

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Josh and David dive deep into why it’s important for minority groups to understand the “model minority” myth, how it originated, why it is considered a myth, the Racial Wedge, Orientalism, Andrew Yang, and much more in this highly-educational episode!

Model Minority: Uniquely American recently dropped a new episode, “One Jump Ahead of the Punchline”, which discusses the issue of Asian-American media representation with the case study of Apu and Disney Channel’s usage of Desi characters.

Model Minority podcast website:

Model Minority podcast Instagram: @model.minority.u.a

“The Two Asian Americas” By Karan Mahajan:

“We Asian Americans are not the virus, but we can be part of the cure” by Andrew Yang:

“Andrew Yang was wrong. Showing our ‘Americanness’ is not how Asian-Americans stop racism.” by Canwen Xu:

Sound of Water website:

Sound of Water Instagram: (

Time Stamps:

  • 0:40 The Gift That Keeps on Giving
  • 1:58 My homeboy…my co-host…Josh.
  • 3:32 Welcome, Nidhi Shastri!
  • 4:50 Model Minority: Uniquely American
  • 8:58 What exactly is the “Model Minority” myth?
  • 10:34 History of the MM myth
  • 16:02 Elements of truth within the MM myth
  • 20:55 Are Asian stereotypes such a bad thing?
  • 25:40 The Racial Wedge
  • 29:42 Asian immigration patterns
  • 33:47 Relationship between Asians and blacks
  • 37:20 How should Asians process this information?
  • 40:18 Generational gaps in the perception of MM myth
  • 45:06 The American Dream Tax
  • 47:05 Police brutality and Asians
  • 50:12 Reinforcing the MM myth
  • 53:28 Orientalism
  • 54:47 Andrew Yang
  • 62:41 Two Asian Americas
  • 66:46 Nidhi’s favorite episodes from her podcast
  • 70:23 Nidhi’s powerful closing thoughts

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