In this week’s episode, Josh and David reflect on their conversation with Sarah Kim of Liberty in North Korea. Now that we have this knowledge about our North Korean brothers and sisters, what do we do? How do we reconcile the lifestyles of the First World and the Third World? Shouldn’t we all be doing more to help each other out?How does the North Korean experience compare with the black experience in America? Is it practical to live a (Christ-like) life of giving away your possessions to help the poor? Is the American way of life too comfortable?

Tune in to hear Josh and David ponder these hard-hitting questions while learning about skin moisturizing methods and Josh’s favorite SpongeBob Episode. Be water, my friend.

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Time Stamps:

  • 0:40 David spits fax
  • 0:46 Someone hurt David
  • 1:56 My homeboy…my co-host…Josh.
  • 2:41 David recalls Minnesota winters
  • 4:07 Josh and David feel spoiled
  • 6:46 We’ve dehumanized North Koreans
  • 9:05 North Koreans hustle harder than you
  • 11:12 Comparing North Korean oppression and the black experience in America
  • 14:23 American Christians are spoiled
  • 16:47 Complacency in America
  • 20:41 Viewing food as a method of survival
  • 23:57 SpongeBob tangent (^.^v)
  • 26:44 “Having a positive mindset”
  • 28:39 Sound of Josh debut
  • 29:39 First World Problems
  • 34:35 Does being rich make you a bad person?
  • 39:12 The Social Contract
  • 42:36 Are we helping enough? Do we care enough??
  • 45:54 Reconciling our lifestyles with what we know now
  • 49:01 Closing thoughts

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