Peter Lublink, the Executive Director of BethanyKids, shares the mission and vision of BethanyKids, a Christian charity that provides pediatric surgery, rehab services, and spiritual care in 7 countries across Africa. Peter also shares his thoughts on how the healthcare system in Africa compares to that of the USA and Canada (10:50), his journey to doing mission work in the Middle East (24:49), and why there is no differentiation in being a Christian and being a missionary (37:15).

BethanyKids relies heavily on donations for their operations. Just $200 can help pay for the surgery of a child in need of care and has the potential to transform lives across the continent. If you feel compelled to donate, please visit and give any amount that you are able. Thank you all so much for tuning in!

Stay cool, stay hydrated, and be like water

– David Yun

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BK Instagram: @bethanykids.ig

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3:11 Peter has travelled to how many countries?!

6:11 What exactly does BethanyKids do?

10:50 The healthcare system in Africa

16:18 Challenges of fundraising for a Christian charity

21:56 Future vision of BethanyKids

24:49 Peter’s journey to mission work in the Middle East

28:49 What the church’s response to the Afghanistan crisis should be

35:55 Challenges of doing mission work in the Middle East

37:15 Being a Christian and being a missionary are synonymous

47:22 International travel is optional for the church, mission is not

53:01 People should give without wanting attention 

56:01 Consistency in living out the gospel will bring others to Christ

60:41 Closing remarks

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