Yo what is good everyone! We are back momentarily, out of hiatus, to talk about the #StopAsianHate movement. David and Josh brought on a special guest, Olivia Wong, to deconstruct the movement, discuss how the movement came to fruition, and ask the question, “is this just the next media narrative?”

Olivia Wong is a Chinese-American entrepreneur, senior partner of Prototype Thinking Labs, public speaker, award-winning humanitarian, and Miss Asian Global 2020! She brought some great insight into the movement, along with providing her unique experiences as an Asian-American woman in business.

With AAPI Heritage Month coming to a close (Happy AAPI Heritage Month by the way our Asian brothers and sisters!), and the movement seeming to already lose steam with the popular discourse, the Sound of Water podcast hopes to keep the conversation going with this brand new episode! Hope y’all enjoy.

Olivia’s link to “Resources for the Asian American Community”

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00 David bringing the HEAT with our new intro!!
  • 1:55 Meet Olivia Wong!
  • 5:29 Olivia’s experiences with racism and hate as an Asian-American woman
  • 14:17 Deconstructing the #StopAsianHate Movement
  • 24:21 Was the Atlanta Spa shooting a hate crime?
  • 31:45 David plays devil’s advocate (Are we overlooking other issues?)
  • 40:26 Validating the Asian American identity
  • 47:35 Olivia’s thoughts on how both Asians and non-Asians can help

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